oraculum for the new year, 2013.

Oraculum 2013

1. a divine announcement
2. a prophetic declaration
3. an imperial rescript

January first, two thousand thirteen. I present to you my oraculum. Held in glass and kept on the bookcase in my bedroom, I can greet my intentions each morning, and thank the little oracles echoed in my day before sleep.

I’ve spent many December 31sts scribbling my resolution list in notebooks, planners, or odd slips of paper. I’d remember them for three-ish weeks, until they lost themselves; buried behind pages, underneath the stacks of the everyday.

My intentions, though admirable (learn origami! read the tarot! become a yogini! write a book!) waned to shadows on the edge of my periphery. I frustrated myself.

Why wasn’t I capable of achieving good, honest goals? Why didn’t these things matter to me a month into this whole new year thing?

It took me a good two or three glasses of wine before I realized I was speaking the wrong language twice.

Goals and achievements are the language of metrics: measurements, quantitative assessments, production parameters. I don’t even use measuring spoons when I’m in the kitchen. It’s a pinch here, a dollop there, a feeling for when it’s right or ready.

A feeling. Yes. A state of being. That’s what I’m seeking in this new year. A gorgeous, resonant handful of those, please.

Instead of asking myself what I wanted to achieve, I asked what I wanted to feel, and how I wanted to move through this year. It began as a hand-scrawled entry in the journal.

Then I read The Alchemist.

The fable lit my way. To communicate with the world, I must learn to speak the language of the world. Omen. Metaphor. The layer cake meaning of all things.

I needed a divine declaration, spoken not with words on paper, but with symbol.

I spent my afternoon collecting the curios which spoke to my new year, and placed them inside a glass jar so I could easily view my little terrarium of oracles.

Oraculum, 2013

quartz: clarity
magpie feather: boldness
golden key: access to the secret world
humpback whale: ecstatic expression
blackbird feather: channeling
mood ring: merry-making
melted marble: revelry
freyja headpiece: sovereignty
heiner luepke photograph: grace
owl: ease of travel between worlds

I’m ready for you, 2013. Let’s dance.

  1. Suddenly Jamie says: January 2, 201310:17 am

    Cassie – I LOVE this, and not just because I also love owls (and feathers, and crystals), but because of the immediacy and visual nature of this exercise. Like you, I’ve done the journaling and “sketchbooking,” but once I’ve finished the exercise, the words are tucked away until I remember to look at them again (usually sometime around – oh, October). ;)
    I am going to share this with some friends in my mastermind – I think they will LOVE it!

  2. Cassie says: January 3, 20139:51 am

    Jamie — Let me know when you’ve created your own oraculum, I’d love to see it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sand says: January 6, 201311:35 am

    What a wonderful idea :)

    I’m hoping that once I’ve sat down and worked thru Susannah’s planner that I’ll have more direction. Then maybe I’ll make my own oraculum.

  4. Rebecca Hurst (@zinadreams) says: January 12, 20137:34 am

    Oswald’s Oraculum is outstanding! Also loved these words: “I realized I was speaking the wrong language twice.”

  5. Debra says: January 15, 20131:09 pm

    I adore this idea. I’ve been working through Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, which turns goalsetting on its head by identifying instead “core desired feelings” much as you have. Once I settle on my feelings I absolutely want to find physical representations of them to make my own oraculum. Thanks for this.

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